Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dragonfly ......

Sun is still shining here - and can you believe it is hotter than
the South of England !!

A friend lost her Dad about 8 years ago and each and every day she talks about him, and when he was very ill he told her that whenever she saw a Dragonfly to think of him....and she now believes when she sees one it's her Dad looking after her. This helps my friend through her loss and can you believe she started a new job and the teacher who she was assisting brought in a Dragonfly that she'd found in the courtyard outside their classroom that morning - I was covered in goosebumps after she told me this story.

Claire has been helping out in Eleanor's class recently and on Friday she moves on so today I wanted to make her something special.....

what do you think ??

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  1. oh she will love this . She will love the fact you have made it so personal.. she will be very touched .
    Its so pretty and will match in with any colour scheme
    Lisa x

  2. This is gorgeous Susan...a perfect present for your friend and something she can look at every day as she talks to her dad. Ladybugs are the thing that remind me of my grandpa hence my name :-D xx

  3. This is gorgeous Susan....Im sure your friend will love it especially as you have made it secially for her.
    Hugs Sally xx


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